Slender Man is back to scare you in Slender Man Origins 3

If there is a scary individual in the gaming origins, then that would definitely be Slender Man. This is one of the most visually unappealing legends in the gaming world, and the horror games containing it are quite fun to be honest.

This is exactly what Slender Man Origins 3 provides us with, a great sequel to the previous entries in the series, and here we will have the opportunity to enter an abandoned school where you will need to save the kids from the scary Slender Man.

Slender Man Origins 3 erapid games news

There are many survival elements added into the game in order to create a very intense, extraordinary and plain fun experience. Of course, the difficulty does differ based on the intensity and appeal you pour into the title, but the sheer fact that you can see the scary Slender Man in a school environment takes the experience to a whole new level.

Slender Man Origins 3 does explain a little more in regards to the origins of the Slender Man, how he came here and what drives him to do what he does. Of course, the game does a stellar job in promoting a horror theme unlike never before, one that you will surely appreciate at all costs.

Slender Man Origins 3 erapid games news

Is Slender Man Origins 3 a game to check out? If you are a fan of the Slender Man, then there’s no better title to play right now, because the graphics here are really cool and the game is just intense thanks to that. Don’t hesitate and instead check out this amazing game, it’s a one of a kind experience you will enjoy playing for sure.

You can find a demo version for Slender Man Origins 3 as well as the paid version in the links below!

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