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south park pinball erapid games review

South Park Pinball – Games Review

Pinball arcade machines were very popular around 20-30 years ago, with numerous gaming titles starting their history in that particular era. Unfortunately, they were placed in a corner of shadow in the last decade mainly because the arcade era is long gone. Despite that, the pinball genre is quickly becoming fashionable again, and numerous TV shows, movies as well as other things in the popular culture are transposed into pinball games. The same thing happened with South Park Pinball, where the very popular TV show is transformed into a wonderful, fully functional pinball game.

south park pinball erapid games review

Created by Zen Studio, this game isn’t free like most pinball games, but it does provide the same allure and fun that you can find in other titles from this particular genre. Right from the start we were impressed with how much detail was included within the game, as our popular characters, namely Cartman, Butters, Kyle and the others are all included within a fun, relaxing and very engaging pinball title. In fact, South Park Pinball comes with two different pinball tables, and both of them are inspired by our favorite mountain town.

What’s very engaging and interesting at the same time when it comes to South Park Pinball is that the game is filled with numerous fun moments from the show, which means that the fans will have a blast while playing the game.

Additionally, a thing that amazed us a lot is the fact that the whole pinball machine is filled with lots of small details that just make it astonishing. You can clearly see that the developers spent a lot of time in order to make the machine as accurate as possible, allowing us to relive some of the most precious moments that we had with the show. Everything from the ball quality to smaller portions of the table are nicely crafted, which make you play the game more and more.

south park pinball erapid games review

Not only that, but the whole experience is very immersive thanks to the fluidity of the title, the way that the ball moves and the crisp animations that just engage us to play one of the best pinball titles out there.

Most pinball games are alike, mainly offering similar experiences, but not South Park Pinball. This is an astounding game that successfully manages to take a great concept and it makes it an even better. South Park Pinball brings one of the most elaborate pinball games that we had the opportunity to play in recent years, and it definitely has to receive a lot of praise for that. If you are a fan of pinball games or South Park, you should try it for sure, as this is a great title that brings a lot of quality and, despite its price, it’s an investment for any South Park fan, as this way you can keep those characters with you no matter where you go!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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