Space Colors – gets two new followup games

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A lot of us like space shooters, and why not? They are really fun and provide us with a short, yet intense burse of excitement. Space Colors is a game in this genre that appeared only last month, but if you already finished it and you’re craving for more, then you need to rejoice because two more games are coming from the same developer, Trent Polack.

The first one is called Superchroma and the main idea here is that instead of keeping the roguelike aspect of Space Colors, it will instead go with an open world RPG feel, which is something to look forward to. From what the developer says, the game draws its inspiration from titles such as Subspace and Armada, bringing a huge open world that is randomly generated.

space colors erapid games news

It’s still in question if there will be permadeath in the title, but for now it seems that this won’t be something included in the title. What we will get is a great ship customization option, as well as procedurally generated loot that will make us come to the game more and more. This title is in early development, so there isn’t any release date as of yet, but more will follow soon.

The other game is named Gravity Bolt, and this time we will have the opportunity to play something really similar to Space Colors, but instead the color style is a lot different, since the developer went for the monochromatic style which might indeed really suit the game’s world. The gameplay is similar to what we could experience in Luftrausers, as we have the opportunity to control a ship that can be flown around, which enables you to engage enemies and complete objective as you play along.

Unlike the other game, Gravity Bolt is almost ready so we can expect its launch sometime in the near future, and it will include game center integration, support for older devices as well as numerous other goodies!

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