Spells of Genesis is set to launch soon this is the first game that uses bitcoins as microtransactions

Spells of Genesis erapid games news

We live in a world where game developers always want to try out something different, something that has never been attempted before. And while we recently reported that a game developer receives donations in bitcoins, it seems that a new developer manages to take the whole experience to the next level.

The game we talk about here is called Spells of Genesis and it uses the bitcoin blockchain as the main idea for the game economy. On its own, Spells of Genesis is basically a combination of both TCG as well as arcade games. You will need to go out of the game world and in there you will encounter numerous opponents that you need to battle with.

Spells of Genesis erapid games news

The title focuses a lot on the battles that you take with your opponents, but it also allows you to place a lot of strategic emphasis on the way you choose to engage your enemies, which is quite interesting and spectacular to say the least.

Spells of Genesis in-game economy works in a very interesting way, as it allows you to create your own cards and sell them for a profit. It’s an appealing method to gain more income for the game, and it’s very interesting to see bitcoins as an actual in-game item in 2015. Will this method improve in the future?

Spells of Genesis erapid games news

It might, but we can rest assured that more and more games will try to implement it at all times. It’s a very good and interesting game economy changer, but only time will tell if it’s feasible or not. Until then, and until the game is released, which should happen later this year, you can check out a video of the game below!