Kill your enemies with Spin Commander right now on Google Play

spin commander erapid games news

A cool thing about smartphones is that they all bring in some nice features almost all the time. A good example in this regard comes in the form of Spin Commander, a game that uses the gyroscope of your device in order to provide you with a very interesting, action packed experience.

The goal you have to fulfill in Spin Commander is to survive for as much time as you can while defending yourself from the incoming enemies. You won’t face an endless wave of enemies though, instead the game chooses to provide you with 10 stages, each one being more difficult than the previous one. The last stage will then turn into an endless mode, provided that you can actually reach the end!

But that’s not all, in Spin Commander you also get a boss enemy that has to be defeated all so that you can get the best outcome at all times. You also need to keep an eye on the timer, because each stage has a specific timeline that you need to respect, and this definitely adds a lot of challenge into the mix.

Spin Commander erapid games news

The multiplayer in this game is alert as well, since players need to work together in order to protect themselves from the oncoming dangers.

Despite its minimalist style, Spin Commander does a great job in bringing in a very interesting, fun experience as you go along.

Spin Commander erapid games news

Aside from all of the above, the title also provides you with achievements which will help you track your progress and your extraordinary results throughout the game!

Overall, you will see that despite its minimalist style, Spin Commander does a great job in bringing you a ton of cool challenges. It’s a nicely designed game, and one that you will love playing for sure, especially if you have a friend who likes this genre!

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