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Frozenbyte is known for delivering great platformers such as Trine, but with Splot they try to up the ante one step forward and provide you with tons of enjoyment in a clear, funny setting. Splot is all about controlling a small alien in a harsh environment that’s not entirely suitable for him. Our cute alien comes from outer space in a world that is very hard to deal with, but somehow we must guide him towards the end of each level safely.

splot erapid games review

The whole idea of adventure and excitement is great in Splot, and thanks to the beautiful graphics you get enticed into a world that you just want to be a part of. However, there is another goal that we need to fulfill and this means that we need to rescue the small birds from the threats that can be found on the planet, and that includes the blobs.

There are different types of blobs, you get the blob kings and the hungry blobs, each one with a different look, attack pattern, but the same menacing agenda. The main purpose here is to try and save the birds as fast as possible, at least before they are eaten. Of course, everything is done against the clock, because we need to reach the finish as fast as possible if we want to stay alive. All these interesting gameplay ideas and way too fun, so Splot is immediately transformed from a generic platformer into a one of a kind game where meeting the objectives and testing your skills is of the utmost essence.

We found the controls in Splot to be very good and responsive, in fact they are so precise that you can be amazed sometimes in regards to how easy it really is to control Splot.

On top of that, Splot comes with a wide range of interesting abilities that further improve the gameplay, for example you get a freeze power, as well as a vacuum and magma power. All of these work great together and combined they are quite a set of unique abilities to say the least.

splot erapid games review

Splot can actually level up and as you do you will become stronger. And you will need to be more powerful, considering that all 7 game worlds are filled with some great challenges that come in front of you.

Overall, the whole set of 56 levels is great and while we do think that there aren’t enough levels, maybe the future updates will fix this. Other than that, the difficulty for the game is ok, and overall the title just brings a ton of fun into the mix. If you look for a ton of fun and you just want to engage into an amazing exploration of the galaxy and alien planets, then Splot might very well suit your needs.

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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