Megafuzz launches Spoiler Alert on Google Play

spoiler alert erapid games news

It’s nice to play platformers from time to time as they offer a wide range of interesting gameplay options that you will like. However, their gameplay can be repetitive and this is a problem that many gamers in this genre suffer from.

Spoiler Alert is a game that brings an interesting spin to the whole experience, since it is a reverse platformer. Basically, the game is finished already and you need to replay each sequence from finish to beginning.

spoiler alert erapid games news

It might sound a little different at first, but it’s very fun to go through each section is a backwards manner. The hand drawn graphics provide a lot to the overall experience, and with the help of 4 different and unique game worlds, you will have a lot of fun as you explore the game world.

Since this is a platformer, you will see that there are numerous boss fights, but these also have a twist which makes them even more unpredictable. All of these combined offer a variety of interesting and appealing moments that you will enjoy.

From the action packed moments to the strategic attacks that you need to perform in order to win, everything in this game is created in a very professional and appealing manner, so you are definitely getting a wonderful experience in the end.

spoiler alert erapid games news

The soundtrack in this game is one of a kind and it just suits the madness portrayed on the screen, which is very interesting to say the least!

Overall, Spoiler Alert is a great game that can be purchased right now from Google Play and it doesn’t cost much at all! In fact, it’s only 1$, which makes its purchase a worthwhile one!

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