Sprinkle Islands – extinguish all fires

sprinkle islands erapid games review

Sprinkle Islands – Game Review

When it comes to puzzles games, those are the hardest and the most rewarding are definitely the ones which involve realistic physics. Sprinkle Islands enables you to take the role of a firefighter from the outer space whole only purpose is, of course, to remove all the fire from the land with the help of a nice space ship.

The most important part when it comes to Sprinkle Islands is certainly its gameplay. You will have to move the nozzle up or down depending on the region you want to extinguish fire in. Moreover, you have a button which you can use to spray water with, a button that is very easy to use and which is located in the lower right side of the screen.

sprinkle islands erapid games review

What we liked about the game is that all the fire extinguishing cases are really neat and you do travel from case to case within a single level. All these levels are cute and with some neat designs, which simply entice you to play more and more as time passes. From large castles to ships and so on, all of these details are neatly created and overall allow you to live a one of a kind experience that you will certainly enjoy.

The game comes with five different islands, each one with its own tone and environment. With more than 60 levels to play, it will be very easy to find at least a few levels that will challenge you a lot.

Moreover, we were totally impressed by the one of a kind water physics that you can find in this game. Everything from the sprinklers to the way the water flows within the game world is realistically recreated, so you can create pools of water if you want, which was a really nice touch from our perspective.

sprinkle islands erapid games review

Rest assured though that this is not the only gameplay, there are also some aquatic boss battles that will test your wits and courage as you explore this amazing world.

We found the touch controls in this game to be really nice and exciting, with numerous places where they actually help you tremendously to solve the puzzles. Sprinkle Islands is overall very rewarding as it makes it very easy for us to enjoy a beautifully crafted world where the puzzles are unique and intricate.

Just like most games in this genre, Sprinkle Islands starts very easy and it gets deceptively hard really fast. Don’t worry though, all puzzles are completely solvable, you do need to figure out the proper solution on your own though.

Sprinkle Islands is a cute game with funny graphics and a quirky soundtrack. It’s intense gameplay, great graphics and lots of challenges along the way will keep you playing for hours and hours, so you should go ahead and try it, because it’s really good!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.0

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