Sproggiwood is more popular on mobile than Steam

Sproggiwood erapid games news

An interesting development in the past few weeks has managed to show us that premium titles on mobile can’t only be successful, but in fact they might actually provide a lot of value from a gameplay perspective.

Sproggiwood is a nice adventure game that offers you quite a lot of questing and other interesting features that make the experience feel very interesting and cohesive. This is why the title became very popular but news came in recently that the Steam version sales were surpassed by the mobile counterpart.

Sproggiwood erapid games news

This is surprising news, considering the fact that many of the mobile games nowadays are more focused on bringing a free to play or freemium experience rather than opting for the premium model on mobile. But as you can see, even the premium model can indeed bring in some great results, and the Sproggiwood devs are the first ones to reap the rewards in this regard.

But is there a reason behind that? Well, the mobile price is $9.99 whereas the steam version is priced at around $14, so it’s more expensive in this regard and that might lead to the increased number of mobile sales but still, one might hope that Steam brings in more revenue. According to this data, it all depends on the game, and in this situation Sproggiwood just seems like a much better fit for mobile.

Sproggiwood erapid games news

This is great news for mobile developers and hopefully we will see more situations like this one I the near future. This is a great game that you should totally check out, since it plays really well and offers quite a lot of challenge, so if you are interested in a good mobile RPG, then Sproggiwood is a very good choice, all you have to do is to follow the link below!

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