Star Wars Battlefront – flying is fun

star wars battlefront erapid video

This year is all about Star Wars: the game and the movie, and hey, isn’t it great? We all can just chill and remind ourselves those classy old times when we relaxed playing Knights of the Old Republic or watching Attack of the Clones. While we still have to wait for  Star Wars: The Force Awakens till the middle of December, we can already play Star Wars Battlefront for a few days now.

Now, the reviews are quite mixed up and many of you have expected this game to be something more, at least fans of the series for sure. Most frequent complaints are: small variety of weapons, boring, not actually “battle front”, more like a messed massacre, ridiculous bugs, and just in overall not well-written game. Well, it’s not a first feedback of such type for EA Games, isn’t it? Still, what is good in Star Wars Battlefront is graphics, sound effects and possibility of having a lot of fun, without much thinking that something is illogical or shouldn’t even be allowed to happen.

Check out how much fun can you get by being an X-Wing or Tie Interceptor’s pilot, because it’s surely a pure joy for Mr. Fruit 😉