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star wars commander erapid games review

Star Wars Commander – Games Review

If you are like us, then you most likely enjoy sci-fi movies and the Star Wars universe. Created by George Lucas a few decades ago, this has transformed into one of the best sagas of all time, and now we can explore the story even more with the help of Star Wars: Commander. This game is a strategy title where you need to create your own base and fortify it in the best possible way, then create a good enough army to defeat your enemies quickly!

In Star Wars Commander you will be able to explore fabled locations from the landmark movies, and you will even have the opportunity to create your own base on them as you go through the campaign mode. In fact, everything can be done at your own pace, because the title allows you to either follow the campaign or engage real life opponents that want to defend their base, such as you.

star wars commander erapid games review

Right upon starting the game you will be able to select your side, you can opt either for the rebels or the empire. As you might expect, each one has its ups and down, with the rebels having great artillery and the empire bringing tons of mechanized machines.

The most important task in Star Wars Commander is to create your base. You need to fortify it in the best possible way, because other players will attack it, so using heavy artillery, turrets, deflectors, heavy shields and many other similar things is essential.

All battles here have epic proportions, especially if you engage into rebel versus empire battles. Thankfully, you can ally with other people and create an unbeatable for that will last for a very long time. The units you use during the game are deployed strategically, so you can strategize the options a lot as you play. Travelling from one planet to another is very fast and easy to perform, with lots of interesting twists and fun missions awaiting you.

We found the assault team to be very important. The interesting thing here is that you can add heroes from the Star Wars movies as well as some new ones that will be able to lead your forces in the battle against enemies. The heroes are accurate and fun to control, so overall the attacking phase is just amazing.

star wars commander erapid games review

Graphically, Star Wars Commander manages to bring a very interesting game world that suits the overall Star Wars theme. The game looks great, animations are neat and overall the visuals are stunning. The soundtrack is also quite good, with lots of interesting tunes taken from the movies.

In conclusion, if you need a fun strategy game where you can play a campaign or engage in countless battles with people from all over the world, then Star Wars: Commander is the best choice, so download it right away!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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