Star Wars: Galactic Defense to be released soon on the app store

Star Wars: Galactic Defense erapid games news

Star Wars is definitely one of the most iconic settings that a game can have, thanks to the immense popularity that the movies had on the world and culture. Nowadays we can find the Star Wars influence in many games, with a lot of them being original and belonging to various gaming genres. We have card games with the aforementioned theme, but also strategy games such as the Star Wars Commander, and soon our mobile phones will be able to play yet another game in the popular franchises, this time named Star Wars Galactic Defense.

As expected, the Star Wars Galactic Defense title is basically a tower defense game with the action set in the popular Star Wars world. We will be able to defend the base on many types of planets and we will even have to control or battle some popular characters from the franchise, which is certainly very nice.

Star Wars Galactic Defense erapid games news

Star Wars Galactic Defense will bring the normal fixed path method, something that you can find in all the normal and classic tower defense games. What’s really neat in regards to Star Wars Galactic Defense is that the game’s story will span over all Star Wars movies, which is really nice. As expected, we will have to choose either the dark side or the light side. The method your hero will be added into the battle is something similar to what we seen in Kingdom Rush, although a little more impressive.

Having a tower defense game in this amazing world is definitely impressive, so it’s safe to say that we have high hopes for this particular title. It can be a little hard to imagine how the final product will play, but if you want a small gameplay video then you can watch the attached video below.