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stay alight erapid games review

Stay Alight – Games Review

Stay Alight is a physics-based shooter reminiscence of the popular Angry Bird game. However, I find this game to be better in many ways. Its graphics is simply amazing, setting the tone of the game where the world has been conquered by grim little microbes. Thus, the game world is rather gloomy and littered with throwaways like old toys, high heeled shoes, old cassettes and old bottles… basically stuff you find in a rubbish dump. Its graphical style reminds me of the animated movie “9” screened back in 2009. The background music accompanying the game sounds like a music score from an epic movie. I would say that this orchestral background music is another plus point for this game. Simply love it!

In this game, you play as Mr. Bulb, a tiny bulb-headed warrior in red overalls, tasked to bring back the light into the gloomy world by destroying the green mean-looking microbes. For some levels, you even have a helpful partner, also a “Mr. Bulb”, but he is wearing a blue overall instead. You can get this blue-clothed Mr. Bulb to help you make difficult shots from a different angle, allowing you to totally annihilate any dirty microbes on that level.

stay alight erapid games review

Gameplay is simple and as mentioned earlier, it has many similarities with Angry Bird. That being said, you can control the strength of your projectile as well as its direction. Even though the game developer called the projectiles “bullets”, they looked more like electric bolts to me. There are also various types of projectiles at your disposal, depending, of course, on your level. Anyway, by combining those two variables, you can either lob your projectiles (bullets) or fire them in a straight line.

Your shots are based on real physics, so you have to aim them carefully. Make each shot count because in each level, you’re given a limited number of bolts (bullets). If you used up all your bolts and there are still those tiny green meanies strolling around, then you lose. Don’t fret if you lose, you have umpteen numbers of tries to get through the round. Try winning and at the same time, achieving 3 stars.

stay alight erapid games review

To help you achieve your goal of annihilating the green mean-looking microbes, there are a few special weapons at your disposal, like the swatter, spray, chiller, and earthquake. These special weapons are difficult to come by and you’ll have to buy them at the in-app shop. One irritating thing about the game is the advert which keeps popping up at random. However, to solve this problem once and for all, you can spend real money and purchase any of the items offered. The bothersome adverts will then be gone forever!

All in all, Stay Alight is a challenging (I find that the green mean-looking microbes are no push-overs) as well as fun puzzle game with excellent game and level design. If you enjoy giving your brain a tease now and then, Stay Alight should definitely be at the topmost part of your list! Try it now!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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