Stella – new Angry Birds coming at 2014

stella angry birds erapid games news

The Angry Birds series is by far one of the most popular games on mobile platforms, and there are quite a lot of reasons for that. The amazing, cartoony graphics, awesome gameplay as well as the fact that the game can be played by literally anyone for any amount of time made the game a cult hit. Even though the series has tried to innovate and brought some new and interesting ideas to the table, in the 4th of September the series plans to go back to the roots with a new title, which is called Angry Birds Stella.

Unlike the previous Angry Birds game, this one is set to include only female bird characters, which is indeed fun. But this is not the only impressive thing about the game. The graphics and animations here have received an update, and now the game simply looks stunning.

stella angry birds erapid games news

Rovio has released a gameplay teaser video which you can see below and where you can immediately see how fun the game will be. The original gameplay remains here, but some wonderful new additions and great power-ups can be seen in this short video, and we encourage you to simply check it out.

In addition, Rovio has spawned a lot of new episodes in its animated series and it’s even rumored that they will actually release more episodes for Stella as well.

The gameplay in the new Angry Birds looks really fun and exciting, so the game will surely be worth it. It’s a little unclear at this moment how much the game will cost, if it will include microtransactions or not, but one thing is sure: you need to mark the 4th of September in your calendar because Angry Birds Stella is surely a title that’s well worth your time.

In the meantime, take a look at the video below: