Stickman Trials releases on Google Play

Stickman Trials erapid games news

If there is one game that tests your force and skill beyond belief, that would be the trial based titles. Stickman Trials is not different, because this is a funny arcade game where you have to reach the end of a level by going over a variety of challenges, from explosives to spikes and gaps.

Precision is the key when it comes to Stickman Trials, and you need to be as precise as possible if you want to get the best possible outcome in this game. Of course, the levels tend to get increasingly challenging, so there is always the need for a more interesting and expansive gameplay, and you do get such a thing.

Stickman Trials erapid games news

In Stickman Trials you receive a variety of bikes to use, and in true Stickman game legacy, the character is a stickman that has stellar physics. The interesting thing in the game however is that the physics also apply to the game world, which make the game very realistic and exciting at all times, something which is amazingly cool to be honest.

You can compete with your own time or the time that your friends managed to get, so there is always a competitive factor in Stickman Trials, which is great. At the same time, the impressive graphics and good soundtrack do add up to create a nice experience overall!

Stickman Trials erapid games news

Stickman Trials is a free game, so there’s no harm in trying it out, especially if you have the time to play it, of course. This is one of those games that are just perfect for telecommuting and longer driving periods. No matter where you check it out, rest assured that Stickman Trials is a nice and funny title, so go ahead and download it if you want to test your precision skills!

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