Storm Rush comes from iOS to Android

Storm Rush erapid games news

Sometimes, it’s the little set of games that makes the experience extraordinary, and that’s exactly what you get with a title like Storm Rush. Up until this point, the game was available only on iOS, but thankfully the Android platform can now get some of the goodness as well.

So, what is it to be had here? The game is a fast paced, skill testing, action packed game that manages to test your abilities, skill, concentration as well as any other abilities that you might have in a very unique, demanding and highly interesting way for sure.

The idea in Storm Rush is quite simple, you need to avoid the glowing towers that appear in front of you as fast as possible. You can also hit these towers, but they might bring in some very bad results such as obstructing the vision field, which is very important.

Storm Rush erapid games news

Avoiding the glowing towers is nice, but the speed of the game as a whole manages to ramp up the difficulty, so there’s that. One thing you will like here is the spectacular gameplay and the action packed opportunities, as well as the highly professional and extraordinary game modes to be presented here.

The experience in Storm Rush is fun, filled with action and truly compelling, as you always manage to get something new and fun. Racing against the clock in this game is very fun and having the opportunity to access an action packed gameplay is truly fun.

Storm Rush erapid games news

Should you get this game? If you like games that require a lot of precision and which are action packed, then this title is definitely right up your alley. We encourage you to check it out right now, it’s really good!

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