Strata – not as simple as looks like

Strata erapid games review

Strata – Games Review

Puzzles games are, nowadays, some of the only genres where you can actually play interesting and fun games that appeal to audiences of all ages. The interesting thing about some puzzle games though is that they aren’t afraid to break the boundaries from time to time, and instead they bring some intense and fun gameplay moments.

This is the case of Strata, which is a game that’s very simple by its design, but which manages to provide challenge through its simplicity, something that you can rarely see nowadays on the mobile game market.

Strata erapid games review

The goal in Strata is very easy to understand, because you have to add colored ribbons on the game board in order to match the pattern that was originally placed by the developers. Some people might argue that the game is very simple in design and it doesn’t really manage to bring that much to it, but in the end it’s all about gradually improving your talents, and in this regard Strata does a great job.

In the beginning Strata starts off easily, with a few simple levels in which you can get a glimpse of the things to come. However, the main challenge begins when you have to deal with more and more ribbon colors, as that is the time when the game gets more challenges. The canvas color also changes sometimes, increasing the difficulty of the game as well.

We think that Strata is a game that was created to test the limits of the human brain, because matching the same patterns can be very hard most of the time. Also, many weaves in the game are complex so solving them can literally take a lot of time.

Strata looks gorgeous on any type of device, mainly because it’s created on a proprietary engine that takes full advantage of the game premise and simplicity. Everything is colorful, but polished and thus the experience feels fresh and crisp.

Strata erapid games review

With the help of forethought and a lot of strategic movements, you will be able to strategize the moves, an essential thing to do if you want impressive results. As you play, you will be able to see that the game makes clever use of patterns and thus you need to strategize in a much more efficient manner.

We liked the fact that Strata comes with a multitude of levels, as this means that there’s always a new, bigger challenge to face. Also, the main idea of matching each grid completely and getting perfect scores on each level will always make you come back to the game over and over.

Strata does a great job when it comes to creating a stellar puzzle game experience. Sure, it does have a few errors such as gameplay bugs, some visual tear and so on, but these don’t take from the overall gameplay which is intense, fun and very challenging. We think that Strata is a great puzzle game, one that you should try out!

e-Rapid Games rate:  8.5/10

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