Subway Surfers developers are bringing Stormblades an action packed hack and slash title to Android

We all know Kiloo Games from their one of a kind games such as Subway Surfers and Frisbee Forever, but it seems that this great developer has something in the works right now. Named Stormblades, this new game is all about bringing you the hack and slash action on your PC, something you will enjoy at all times.

Stormblades is set to bring a high quality hack and slash engine, similar to the one you can find in the Infinity Blades series. It’s a nice little addition to the genre, but at the same time it also tries to provide some interesting new things to the table, in order to be more fleshed out, unique and interesting.

Stormblades erapid games news

The game will feature jaw-dropping graphics, something that the developer has provided us with for quite some time, but it also brings a creative gameplay mechanic that uses swipes and other interesting features.

All of these will take place in a great, massive game world where everything is permitted. The game is also set to have some insane, one of a kind weapons that you will enjoy using for sure, but at the same time it will also provide unique game mechanics such as blade upgrades, the acquisition of new ones and so on.

Pretty much like most hack and slash games, Stormblades will focus a lot on loot and it will bring a variety of unique things into the mix in order to keep the story more cohesive and interesting.

Stormblades erapid games news

According to a press release from the developer, the game will launch on the 19th of March, so we very close to the release date. Moreover, the game is set to arrive on both Google Play and the iOS app store, in what is said to be a global launch.

If you like hack and slash games, then  Stormblades should be on your radar, and we recommend you to check it out when it will arrive in the next few days.