SummitX Racing – Winter Fun

summitx racing erapid games review

SummitX Racing – Games Review

Want to experience the ultimate skiing and snowboarding racing game? SummitX Racing is one game that you mustn’t miss out on!

To start, you’ll need to choose between skiing or snowboarding. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to choose the other option later on if you wish to. Next, you’ll need to choose your rider. There are 4 males and 4 females for you to select from and unfortunately, you are unable to customise your character. You will also have to choose the country of your rider – there are limited countries on the list, as well as a name for your rider. After you’ve done all that, it’s time to get the ball rolling!

The controls in this game are straightforward and simple, though you may need awhile to get used to it. You can rotate your mobile device to steer or you can press and move your finger left or right. When you approach a ramp or a barrier, you can swipe up to jump and perform tricks (by swiping in any direction while in mid-air), such as front and back spins or board grab, to boost your speed. Then, you will have to swipe down to land. A sloppy landing will, in turn, lose you speed.

summitx racing erapid games review

Ready to race down the mountains? Let’s go then! There are 4 play modes in SummitX Racing. Free ride is where you can practise the different tracks on 4 beautiful mountains. The other 3 modes, which include Collectible Hunter, Race the Pros and Worldwide Competition, will require tickets to join (you will get a new ticket every 30 minutes). Collectible hunter is a mode whereby you can collect tokens as you go down the mountain. After collecting enough tokens, you can exchange them for a nice pile of Ice (the currency that requires real money to buy).

On the other hand, Race the Pros mode is the best mode for you to earn money as you will be racing against game-controlled ‘pros’ to be the first to down the mountain. The last mode, Worldwide Competition is exactly what its name says – you’ll be racing against 50 human players for the chance to get into the top 10 ranking. Only the players in the top 10 will earn cash and Ice.

After winning a few runs of Race the Pros, you should have enough money, as well as the necessary level, to buy some new gear for your character! With cash, you can buy boosts (experience point and money boosts), new gear (boots, boards or skis) and clothes (goggles, beanie, gloves, jacket and pants). Higher level gear will have better stat boosts while higher level clothes will provide cash and experience point bonuses instead. You can also purchase new tricks and then assign the new trick you’ve bought to a direction. Thus, when you jump and swipe in the assigned direction, your character will perform the trick you’ve just bought.

summitx racing erapid games review

Not to mention, every level up in SummitX Racing will even reward you with 3 stat points which you can allocate to any of your stats, like reflex, speed and acceleration that will fit your play style.

Overall, SummitX Racing is an excellently developed skiing and snowboarding game that although may not look as good, it has a game mechanism that really shines through. I, for one, like its aerial tricks and how hard it is to properly execute them. There are also plenty of game modes available for you to enjoy! It’s definitely a free-to-play game that deserves your attention. Do give it go!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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