Sunburn allows you to visit the space and it is available right now on Google Play

Sunburn erapid games news

Survival games are common nowadays, but being able to survive in the depths of space is something else in entirety. This is what Sunburn brings in front, the idea that you are a member of a crew which are stranded in space after colliding with a planet. All you have to do now is to try and make sure that you, as well as your crew, stay alive for as much time as possible.

Keeping everyone safe can be quite a hassle to be honest, but you do have numerous opportunities to explore the surrounding game world and find items in it. You can check out meteors, comets, stars as well as a wide range of other locations, all so that you can keep your crew alive for as much time as you possibly can!

Sunburn  erapid games news

Sunburn includes more than 50 puzzles here, and all of them are focusing on things such as oxygen, gravity, molten planets as well as gravity, so you are definitely bound to like the outcome, that’s a given!

The challenge and nice appeal of Sunburn comes from the unique way those levels are created, and the stunning scenery that you can find. At the same time, you do get that certain feeling that you are an astronaut, since you can maneuver the jetpatck in any way you want, you can unite your members and you can even track achievements, so overall the game does a great job in this regard. We also like that there are numerous challenges to be had.

Sunburn  erapid games news

Sunburn is a nice addition to the Google Play game arsenal. Sure, it’s not free, but it’s a fun game and a very wild ride, so it’s well worth a purchase!

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