Super meat boy forever – new game with new style

super meat boy forever erapid news

Super Meat Boy Forever is by far one of the most successful indie games in recent years, and there are lots of reasons for that. The intricate graphics style, funny characters and punishing gameplay have created a cult hit that is still played by lots of people. It feels natural to receive a mobile version of Super Meat Boy, and that’s exactly how the Super Meat Boy Forever title was born.

The challenging gameplay remains in this game, but now we have to face an endless running mode. However, it’s said that the game will also have a PC version which will be available via Steam and that there will be six chapters and numerous bosses, even double than the original game had.

super meat boy forever erapid news

There will be a lot of challenging levels and the controls for the mobile version will actually be tailored for Android and iOS, as you will be able to touch the screen in order to make your character jump and perform numerous other types of jumps. Super Meat Boy has always been regarded as a difficult game, and as far as we know, Super Meat Boy Forever seems to follow the same guideline but it will bring a lot more content and uniqueness, so we are definitely going to have a lot of fun with it.

In the end, Super Meat Boy Forever is a new and somewhat unexpected addition to the Super Meat Boy family, especially since the developers were already working on Mew-Genics, a title that is now on hold. It will be nice to see how the game will pan out, and so far the release date seems to be sometime at the beginning of 2015, for both mobile and PC. Stay tuned with us to find out even more information about the game as soon as it becomes available.