Susume Tactics brings the retro vibe to Google Play

Susume Tactics erapid games news

Retro games are very fun and most of the time we will always enjoy playing them, especially since they bring us to the beginning of gaming and those fun times we will always want to recreate. Susume Tactics is one of the newest games that tries to bring in front an exciting gameplay and a ton of other cool stuff, all packed with a retro feel.

Simply put, the game focuses on bringing in a real time strategy focus, since it requires you to protect your mothership, but at the same time you also control a few tanks, which bring in the tactical element to the table. There are no less than 11 tank units that you can control in this game, and each one of them tends to have a different set of attacks.

Susume Tactics erapid games news

The nice thing about Susume Tactics is that it’s an arcade game at heart, so you do get an arcade mode that requires you to chase the score, and that’s it. There are no restrictions, no problems, just you and the ability to obtain the best possible score.

The retro appeal is masterfully added in this game, as you will see, and there are numerous levels and exciting challenges for you to check out as you play. Moreover, you get a multitude of old school music and sound effects that make the experience easy to remember as well.

Susume Tactics erapid games news

You’ll find playing Susume Tactics to be an immersive experience, especially if you are a retro game fan. Sure, there are a few things that might ooze modernism, but still, being able to get the blast from the past is something you will surely enjoy! Check out Susume Tactics right now at the Google Play link below, you can get it for $3.99!

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