SwappyDots brings great match three to Google Play

Most of us like match three games because they are fun, easy to play yet they do offer a lot of challenge sometimes especially in the late game phases. SwappyDots does a great job here as it provides you with the ability to get the highest possible score and one of a kind results with immediate outcome.

The game is pretty much using the classic grid layout ideas but the presentation here is crisp and spectacular, with the appeal being immense in this regard. The game not only manages to look amazingly well, but it also has a wonderful design that influences the gameplay quite a lot.

SwappyDots erapid games news

Aside from that, it’s business as usual. There are dots which disappear, and if you match 4 or more you get a wide range of bonuses that you can check out in any way you want. For the time being you have only the Time and Step mode, but it seems that more of these are on the way which is a major plus considering how fun these really are to play and experience as a whole.

The title does come with its own set of leaderboards which is neat, and the gameplay is indeed very fun, albeit a little challenging for some tastes. It all comes down with the experience you have when it comes to playing this type of games. Overall, this is truly fun and exciting to say the least, but at the same time the great navigation and friendly menus offer a wonderful experience all around.

SwappyDots erapid games news

As you can see, SwappyDots does indeed seem like a nice title to play, and to top that all off, the game can be downloaded for free right now on Google Play. What are you waiting for? Get it right now and test your matching skills!