Swing Copters – second part of flappy birds

swing copter erapid games review

Swing Copters – Game Review

If you like games that are very challenging, then you surely heard about Flappy Bird. This very difficult game appeared at the beginning of this year and it was removed from the App Store quite fast. However, now its developer has returned with an even more challenging game in the form of Swing Copters.

Your main goal in this game is to guide a small creature that has some large eyes and a propeller through a small world in which numerous swinging hammers and constructions need to be avoided. Just like in all games of this type, your main purpose is to ensure that the character gets as high as possible. As expected, the outcome here will always be death, but then again that is to be expected since the game is brutally difficult, despite its cute graphics.

swing copters erapid games review

Speaking of which, the graphics in Swing Copters are pretty similar to the ones that you will find Flappy Bird. The 8-bit graphic style really works for this game and while it’s not that impressive visually, the gameplay is certainly what you are after.

One of the first challenges that you will encounter right out of the bat in this game is the fact that the character is quite hard to control. You have to tap left and right in order to guide your character through the intriguing maze, and that can prove to be really hard. On top of that, the swinging hammers are most probably the ones that make the game so challenging, because they move randomly and it’s hard to know if you will hit them or not. Even if the game requires a lot of precision, in the end if you are lucky you will definitely have the opportunity to gain the best score.

Once you die, you will spiral down immediately and each time you pass a girder you will earn one point. The main interesting here is that, unlike Flappy Bird, the highest the score, the better the chances to unlock new copters. However, this is definitely easier said than done, because the game is very hard, as you already know, so a lot of trial and error is required before you manage to get even a single new character unlocked.

swing copters erapid games review

Swing Copters is literally a new version of Flappy Bird that comes with a different setting and some new improvements that will definitely appeal to many users. It’s certainly a lot of fun to play it, but a lot of patience is required if you want to unlock the characters. Despite that, if you liked Flappy Bird, we guarantee that you will definitely want to give this game a shot, as it’s really good and unique. If you like a challenge, then there’s no better mobile game for this other than Swing Copters, so download it right away.

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10