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Tadpole Tap – Games Review

Help the poor tadpole pull itself upwards to escape from the rising waters filled with ravenous piranhas in this simple yet fun endless, retro-themed “climbing” game, Tadpole Tap!

To start, pick a tadpole! However, since there is only 1 selection in the pool (the others are locked), you don’t exactly have to choose. You can buy other tadpoles using in-game currency, which are flies in this case, later on in the game. Once selected, just “click” play to start the game!

The gameplay in Tadpole Tap is fairly easy to grasp. You just need to tap on the bushes to get your tadpole to haul itself up using its long sticky tongue. There are various types of bushes in this game, besides the standard bush that you’ll see earlier on in the game. Eventually, you’ll encounter bushes that have sparse leaves, which will not be able hold your tadpole at all, so you’ll need to pull your way to another bush soon! There are also bushes that are made up of darker leaves that will hold your tadpole for only a short while before your tadpole will start slipping as well!

Tadpole Tap erapid games review

You main objective in Tadpole Tap is to move as quickly upwards as you can while collecting flies and power-ups along the way. Furthermore, after you reach a certain point, it will start raining and the water level will rise rapidly from the bottom and along with it the hungry piranhas. It is at this time the game took a very challenging turn as you’ll need to be fast and accurate!

Let’s not forget about the many obstacles that Tadpole Tap will throw at you too! They include suspended balls of lightning and spiky thorns. For the lightning balls, it is definitely not advisable to tap on them or go pass them. Your poor tadpole will be electrocuted and die a horrible death! Needless to say, landing your tadpole on the balls of thorns is not a good idea as well! Getting your tadpole eviscerated is an even more gruesome way to die than being electrocuted or being eaten down to the bones by the piranhas!

No review for a free-to-play game is complete without a look at its in-game/ cash shop! The shop in Tadpole Tap provides flies, power-up upgrades, DNA and skins for sale. Flies can be purchased by spending some real cash or by watching advert videos. Power-up upgrades can be bought by using flies and each power-up – there are 5 of them, namely invincibility, double flies, magnet, vegetation spread and beetle spread – can be upgraded up to around 20 times. The cost for each subsequent upgrade will gradually increase, of course!

Tadpole Tap erapid games review

DNA and skins are interconnected in this game. As mentioned, you can buy new tadpoles at the pool. However, you can also “evolve” your tadpoles into proper frogs by having the necessary type and quantity of DNA. You can have a chance of obtaining free DNA by opening the daily chest or you can buy them at the shop. Due to the huge variety of DNA available in this game, it can take a rather long time for you to get enough DNA. However, once you have them, you can head to the “skins” section and evolve your tadpole!

You can also challenge your friends’ high scores on the leaderboard as well as the top players in Tadpole Tap from around the world! There are even achievements that you can strive for too!

In short, Tadpole Tap is a very enjoyable and challenging endless climbing game that is perfect to fill in those short idle moments in life. Try it now!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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  • TheGraveyardCowboy

    Cool game. I hear it’s being made into a comic now.