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until dawn erapid video

Until Dawn – Cruelty Begins with PewDiePie

Ladies and gentleman, we have lived Util Dawn! Even if it’s hard to believe, the game is finally out and can be bought for Play Station 4 (exclusively). Why this game is ought to be good? Just picture it: ten friends have gathered [Read more]

August 28, 2015 // 0 Comments

Everybodys Gone to the Rapture erapid video

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture gameplay

The apocalypse theme is quite popular nowadays, but have you imagined it coming from some calm beautiful village in Shopshire, England? We bet you haven’t! And Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is exactly about that. Well, [Read more]

August 21, 2015 // 0 Comments

dungeon hunter v erapid games news

Dungeon Hunter V releases on March 12

As we mentioned a little time ago, Dungeon Hunter V is in the works and it’s nice to see that the best mobile dungeon crawler is getting a new installment. The interesting thing this time is that most of the game has been built from the [Read more]

March 4, 2015 // 0 Comments

grow home erapid video

Grow Home – save a planet

With many games set to release in spring and with many, already released on Christmas, you can have a feeling that February is quite a boring month. Luckily, it’s not that bad and we do have a few interesting products. Among them [Read more]

February 11, 2015 // 0 Comments

Ori and the Blind Forest erapid video

Ori and the Blind Forest Xbox One gameplay

Christmas and New Year’s madness is over and this means the developers have returned from their holidays and can share some work progress with us 😉 Good news are waiting for Xbox One owners, as they will be able to enjoy one of [Read more]

January 23, 2015 // 0 Comments

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