Taichi Panda is coming to Android

Taichi Panda erapid games news

We all love action RPGs, and while there is no sign of Diablo III coming to Android soon, there are lots of games that provide a similar experience already on mobile. Not only that, but it seems that many are actually set to come soon, and this is exactly what Taichi Panda is bringing to the table.

This is a funny and very colorful game in which you need to guide your character through a large and unforgiving game world. At the same time, you need to battle enemies, acquired levels and get a multitude of skills that will help you in your battles, a mechanic that you will surely enjoy and like right from the start.

Taichi Panda erapid games news

While Taichi Panda is still in beta, this game is so much fun because it takes all the neat things from similar ARPG games, and at the same time it also manages to include a multitude of items on its own, making a fun experience without copying others, something that we think as being great!

Thanks to its unique graphics style, nice environments and the funny style that it has, Taichi Panda surely manages to bring something new to the table, and the action packed gameplay really shows that there’s a lot to be had in this regard.

The game has a good progression system and the best part about it is that there are also some pets that you can use during your battles.

Taichi Panda erapid games news

Taichi Panda’s one thing to look out for is the online multiplayer, that allows you to enter team dungeons and engage in real time PVP, which you will like for sure.

Overall, Taichi Panda is set to be a great game. It seems that the game will be coming very soon, maybe sometimes in the next few months, so this is one game to look forward to!