Telltale Games plans to release a Minecraft based game in 2015

If you are a gamer, then you are most likely accustomed with TellTale Games and the work they do with their adventure games which are based on various game series. After Walking Dead, Borderlands and Game of Thrones, it seems that TellTale Games is stopping to Minecraft.

Based on a release made by the company, TellTale Games is going to release Minecraft Story mode. While it might seem hard at first to create an adventure game based on Minecraft which basically has no story on its own, TellTale Games is known for working with the developers of the original series in order to create something unique and very interesting.

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It’s fun to see how Telltale will enter the world of Minecraft, but unlike the other series of games, this one is highly unpredictable.

The cause is simple here, and that’s mainly because, let’s face it, there’s lots of potential when it comes to Minecraft, but not that much guidance to go with, so they will definitely have a lot of  ideas to work with, which is very interesting to say the least!

Minecraft Story Mode will appear on consoles, PC as well as mobile devices, pretty much like all the games that were released by Telltale, but the thing that makes it stand out is definitely the fact that this would be the first official game that would be based on Minecraft. Sure, there are hundreds of clones out there but having another game based on Minecraft, even a simple adventure game, sounds very exciting.

minecraft erapid games news

We don’t know exactly when Minecraft Story Mode will appear, other than a bland 2015 release date, but we look forward to see how this will all pan out! Stay tuned to our site for more information!