Terraria – crafting like Minecraft game

For those that don’t know about it, Terraria is a crafting game similar to the very popular Minecraft, but the main difference comes from the fact that this particular title is in 2D. The original has been launched on PC but since then the title has appeared on mobile platforms as well.

And while the previous update for the iOS brought the hard mode and a new difficulty, the 1.2 update takes the title to a whole new level.

Terraria erapid games review

With this update, Terraria receives more than 1000 new items in the game, as well as 30 new block types, something that does affect the gameplay tremendously. You have the opportunity to engage in 4 new boss fights and, if that wasn’t enough, there are 8 new NPCs as well that can be encountered as you get to explore the massive game world.

Terraria 1.2 for iOS also brings 15 new pets, better weather effects, a new set of sounds, as well as new events and larger chests. These are only a few of the improvements, as numerous bugs have been fixed and a plethora of bugs have been solved as well.

Terraria erapid games review

What hasn’t been modified in Terraria, at least for now, is the multiplayer component, but that is going to change soon, the developers stated. We are waiting anxiously to see what updates and other improvements the game will receive in the future, but from what we see the future is smiling upon Terraria fans, so if you want more crafting, now would be a great time to come back to Terraria! With so many changes, the game is one that you might now want to miss, so go ahead and give the new update a shot right now!

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