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The Banner Saga – Games Review

In an RPG, the thing you want to see the most is not the battle or the avenging of heroes, instead you want to see your character progress and you try to nurture him as you see fit. The Banner Saga is one of those rare games in which you follow the emotional path of a hero as he tries to become one of the saviors!

The Banner Saga is a turn based strategy game that allows you to use strategic elements in order to fulfill your dream of saving your land. However, every choice that you make in this game will certainly affect your story, something you do need to live with in this amazing, Viking inspired tale.

As expected, the game brings a ton of influences from the Norse mythology, and the 2D setting just is very interesting. Alongside that, everything in The Banner Saga is hand drawn, so the land is portrayed in a very personal manner, one that brings you closer and closer to the game world.

the Banner Saga erapid games review

One of the things that manage to impress in this game is the fact that you, as a player, are free to decide your own narrative. All the decisions that you make as you play will provide you with the means to create your own path in the game world. This happens in a way unseen before in other mobile RPG.

Controls in The Banner Saga are very responsive, and the Android version has definitely received a lot of care in this regard. When it comes to the combat, all the playable characters come with their own skills and abilities, so being able to play the game is very fun and exciting because each battle never feels the same. You have 7 classes to choose from, so there’s always a lot of variety to look forward to!

Alongside the beautiful combat and exploration, you also get a stylish, fun and appealing set of graphics that allow the game world to be portrayed in a very realistic manner. The hand drawn design really does wonders for the game, and that’s great since it does allow you to put up an immense amount of hours into the game. From the characters to animations or background, everything looks very well and overall this game manages to introduce you more and more into the fascinating world that it portrays.

the Banner Saga erapid games review

To sum up, The Banner Saga is an exciting, very interesting game with the basis on Norse mythology, but which manages to provide you with lots of great moments. Although it starts off rather slow, the game more than picks up as you play, so checking it out is a good idea if you are into adventure games with a neat strategic touch! Check the game out, you’ll like it a lot!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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