The Inner World – trying to find new friends

The Inner World erapid games review

The Inner World – Games Review

Although for the last few years the point and click adventures became a dying breed, right now they are going quite strong as they try to deliver an impressive experience. The Inner World is a game that’s set to revive the genre by offering a great story, humorous lines and a great level design that you will definitely like.

The story in The Inner World is quite interesting, as it features a funny character named Robert which is a little clueless in regards to what is going on, but which tries to explore the game world in order to make new friends and solve mysteries. While it might not be that interesting at first, the story does up its pace as time passes, so the more you play, the more exciting it will become. You do need to go through the slow start though.

The Inner World erapid games review

Since this is an adventure game you need to go through lots of puzzles. In our opinion, these puzzles are cleverly made and provide the game with that one of a kind appeal. Sometimes you have to use multiple items in order to solve a quest, while other times you need to use the information from the dialogs to find the best result. During our gameplay experience we find them to be intuitive and easy to figure out, a good thing if you take into consideration the fact that many persons who will play this are casual gamers!

The Inner World has only 5 chapters, and their duration is quite average, in fact you can finish the game in less than 8 hours. Some might think of it as being short, and they are not mistaken, but if you take into consideration the price of this game you do get your money’s worth.

The bad thing about The Inner World is certainly its slow pace, because the action builds up very hard. Another downside is the fact that the game does have many glitches, which are minor, but do have the possibility of spoiling the game experience, and that’s certainly bad.

The Inner World erapid games review

On top of that, The Inner World comes with a cartoonish graphics style that might not appeal to everyone. If you do get past that, you can see that the character design is funny and even the levels are quite whacky. All of these combine together into offering a pleasant visual experience, as long as you can stand this type of graphics style of course. The sounds in The Inner World are good enough, but they don’t manage to shine unfortunately.

In conclusion, The Inner World is one of those games that tries to bring an interesting story and good gameplay, and which do succeed, but don’t manage to offer something more than that. We would have liked the story to be deeper and with more impact, but what we do get here is more than enough to pass a couple of hours in a fun way. This is why we do recommend the game and encourage you to try it out!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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