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The Line Zen erapid games review

The Line Zen – Games Review

If you’ve played the 2014 game “The Line”, well, you’ll certainly love this sequel, The Line Zen! It is as tricky and as challenging as the previous game… perhaps even trickier as now the game has a new addition – the green shapes! Are you curious now? Great, let’s take a look at this amazing game!

In The Line Zen, you move or control the blue ball from left to right to keep it from touching anything red, be it red walls, balls, or spikes. To control the blue ball, just touch anywhere on the screen and drag left or right to move the ball accordingly. However, if you collide with anything red, which will probably happen pretty often until you get the hang of the game, your blue ball will explode and the game is over. Don’t worry though – you can quickly start a new game just after the usual pop up ads. You can remove this rather annoying feature using the in-app purchase if you want.

As mentioned, The Line Zen added something new to the usual gameplay of the old “The Line” game to give the entire game a fresh new challenge and that something comes in the form of the green shapes. The green shapes are put there to your advantage to protect you from red objects, to help slow you down or to move those red objects out of the way. But be careful, these seemingly friendly green objects can sometimes get in the way and cause you to explode.

The Line Zen erapid games review

When you start a game, you will face a randomly generated course. Some course can be easier than others, but in order to be good enough in this game, you’ll definitely need full concentration, great eye-finger coordination and super-fast reflex (as some may call it, “twitch reflex”). Despite the easy-to-learn controls, this game can indeed be very difficult to master. It is really frustrating at times but at the same time very challenging. In fact, some may even call it the new “Flappy Bird”!

The Line Zen has an endless gameplay because all you have to do is to try getting a higher score. Whether you try to beat your previous high score or your friends’ high scores, this game does provide you with Game Centre to compare your scores! Moreover, the game is a minimalistic game and that is actually good in a way. This is because you’ll definitely need full concentration to play it and nice beautiful graphics will probably distract you from the game. The relaxing background music is certainly a great help too!

The Line Zen erapid games review

The only downside is that ads do not only pop up after every “game over”s, they even pop up in the middle of the gameplay, which usually result in your blue ball exploding into pieces! Sometimes, the ads also pop up right after you’ve just started the game. It’s crazy! There are also issues with latency when you encountered certain courses which have some glitches in them. Issues with people’s high scores getting unexpectedly wiped clean are also reported rather frequently… though I have yet encountered such problem.

All in all, The Line Zen is a very challenging and it can also be a rather frustrating puzzle game that mainly relies on how quick your reflexes are. If you’re looking for a puzzle that has stumped many people, this is definitely the game for you!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10

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