The Nodus lands on Google Play

The Nodus erapid game news

Everyone loves puzzles, and there is a reason for that, because they are very fun, exciting and bring in lots of challenges into the mix. Sokoban is a great example, but sometimes we need to refine that experience and that is exactly what you get here with The Nodus.

This is a funny game where your main purpose is to finish up all the puzzles in the game, but the issue is that these tend to be increasingly difficult, which makes them even hard to complete as time passes.

The Nodus erapid game news

But, combined with the wonderful soundtrack and stunning pixel art, the game manages to bring us one of the best Sokoban experiences up to this date, one that you will love using for sure.

Right from the beginning this was a game of wits and battle, one with a lot of passion and fun. Despite that, the story is quite simple, and to be honest you will like it for sure. We play the role of a boy that just wants to get home as fast as possible, and all he can do is to lead the boxes to their destination point in order to bring that plan to fruition.

The Nodus erapid game news

Right off the bat, The Nodus does a lot of things right, and its 30 puzzles will definitely make you scratch your head sometimes, as they can get quite difficult very fast. The music here is really nice, and the gameplay on its own manages to bring you hours upon hours of relaxation. This is why, if you do need a great experience and a fun gameplay opportunity, we recommend you to give it a shot, you will love the way it plays and the cute, retro pixel art!

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