The Numbers Machine receives multiplayer support

The Numbers Machine erapid games news

Puzzles games are fun and The Numbers Machine is definitely a title that deserves a lot attention if you are into such games. However, the game did come with a major downside, as it lacked multiplayer, something that did put many people off because there weren’t that many things to do after you finished singleplayer.

The Numbers Machine erapid games news

While challenging the AI in The Numbers Machine is definitely a fun thing to do, the reality is that without a multiplayer option the game just felt a little, but now that The Numbers Machine has gotten multiplayer it just takes the whole experience to a whole new level of excitement and entertainment.

Competing against other people is fun and exciting, not to mention that you get leaderboards as well as multiple new levels that are so fun to go through!

With more than 75 levels to go through, great graphic content as well as numerous mini-games that you can go through at all times, you will certainly have a blast as you try to solve all the puzzles with your friends. What’s very interesting when it comes to The Numbers Machine is the fact that all puzzles are meant to bring a different difficulty, so the experiences you get with your friends in multiplayer are quite neat, especially since every person has a different skill set when it comes to solving puzzles.

The Numbers Machine erapid games news

Overall, The Numbers Machine successfully manages to bring you the fun interactions and excitement that you would like from a puzzle game, and the addition of the new multiplayer mode just makes the game feel complete as a whole. If you thought that The Numbers Machine was an interesting title until now, rest assured that right now it brings you the ultimate puzzle experience. Try it and enjoy it, this is a fun game that’s well worth it!

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