The Oregon Trail: Settler – Life of a Settler

The Oregon Trail: Settler erapid games review

The Oregon Trail: Settler – Games Review

Build your western town from the ground up in the frontier wilds and watch in pride as your little settlement turned into a thriving community in this exciting town-building game, The Oregon Trail: Settler!

The gameplay in this game is generally similar to other town-building games, particularly FrontierVille. In this game, you’ll chop down trees for wood and grow crops to feed your people. With sufficient resources, you can then build houses, businesses and other buildings to earn cash by collecting taxes and watch your town grow!

There is also a nice crafting feature that allows you to create a wide range of products for use by your townspeople. Many of these products crafted are, themselves, materials for the crafting of even more complicated items as well! Your townsfolk will also pop up, occasionally, with missions as you play the game. The missions involve the usual stuff, such as grow a certain amount of a particular crop or build a said structure. This is all very common in any town-building game.

The Oregon Trail: Settler erapid games review

However, being at the frontier wilds, a lot of the work you’ll be doing besides town-building and crafting in order to be self-sufficient, is the more mundane task of clearing your lands of obstacles like weeds and stones. Every action you do in the game will consume 1 energy point and nearly everything in the game requires you to spend energy. Although you can earn the rather frequent free energy at random, it’s just a matter of time for your energy to completely run out. When that happens, you can either choose to wait it out or spend real money to get it refilled. However, considering that you’ll probably have to wait for your crafting process or the crops to be mature anyway, by the next time you logged into the game, your energy will have already be filled.

The core of the game however is the many challenging events that are thrown at you that will affect your businesses, settlers, or crops in your town. Some examples of these events include bandit attacks, sickness, natural disasters like floods, or even normal town drama, like an extramarital affair. These are interwoven into the game’s theme and their appearance in this game is very reasonable, especially in light of the game’s link to the popular The Oregon Trail franchise. To solve these events, you are provided with 3 choices of varying risks and costs. To choose the lowest cost results in higher risk of it not working out the way you want it to and the opposite could be said for the highest cost solution.

The Oregon Trail: Settler erapid games review

These events are good and all, as well as keeping the game interesting, but they happen much too often – that is to say practically every time you boot up the game. Most of the time, you will suffer rather substantial lost no matter how you choose to solve the issues, causing your hours of waiting for stuff to harvest or businesses to complete going down the drain.

Graphically, the cartoony visuals in the game are very colourful and bright, giving the game a somewhat cheerful feeling. The catchy western tune perfectly suits the game’s theme too!

In short, The Oregon Trail: Settler combines the addictive gameplay of town-building in the western times of FrontierVille with the exciting events of The Oregon Trail, creating a nice mix. Although its events can be really harsh, if you’re looking for a game about settling in the Old West, well, you should definitely give The Oregon Trail: Settler a try!

e-Rapid Games: 8.5/10

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