The Pyraplex has been released on iOS

the pyraplex erapid games news

Kairosoft is one of the most popular Android and iOS developers nowadays as they develop and release a lot of games really fast, so they have a very large and impressive portfolio. Titles like Dream House Days, Kairobotica, Pocket Stables and Dungeon Village are only a few from the massive number of games that they have created until now. As expected, the company has developed only high quality games and they always tend to keep the unique strategy game formula they started with a while ago.

The Pyraplex is their latest game which has been recently released on the iOS App Store and which allows you to build your own pyramid at the desired pace. Not only you will be able to create your own pyramid, but the game even enables you to attract various visitors which might range from Roman centurions to Aztec chieftains which might allow you to create trades with their civilizations. These can bring you an amazing set of benefits that can immediately be seen, especially in the long run.

the pyraplex erapid games news

In The Pyraplex you will also be able to take care of your own bazaar as you can make handicrafts and sell amenities just to keep the profits coming. Not only that, but you will also have to take care of things such as quarries, finding treasures and so on. The treasures are great since they provide you with a wide range of benefits that you will feel as you play.

From time to time the pyramid building process will be inspected by the Pyramid Association whose main reason is to keep you on track with the build schedule.

As you can see, The Pyraplex is a very exciting game that you will certainly enjoy. While it was originally released on Android, now all mobile game fans, including iPhone owners can enjoy this one of a kind experience as well.