The Room – physical puzzler game

the room erapid games review

The Room – Games Review

Sometimes puzzle games are very easy to get accustomed to, but there are situations in which getting to know and like a puzzle game can be quite hard, and that’s exactly what happens in the case of The Room. This is an intricate game where you will embark alongside the developer in a mind-bending journey that brings you numerous mysteries, perils and beauty.

This is a game where you can check out a beautiful, visually impressive locations where you need to figure out how to solve as many puzzles as possible. What makes the game stand out and impresses us quite a lot is the fact that here you can view some natural looking, realistic graphics that you can enjoy without a problem.

the room erapid games review

You can find various items in the game world and use them to solve the puzzles as fast as possible. The most interesting thing  here is that you can grab the items from various places in the game world and use them to solve all the puzzles that appear.

The Room is also realistic when it comes to the whole nature of the game environment, as everything looks and feels very neat. The game is controlled via touch interaction, and interacting with the environment is so natural.

We also liked the fact that the more you advance into the game, the harder to solve the puzzles will become. But this is not a problem though, since there are numerous ways to navigate a puzzle and solve it, which makes the whole experience a lot more appealing. It’s cool that you have multiple ways to finish up a puzzle, because this way you get an incentive to play the game more and more.

the room erapid games review

The large amount of mystery that surrounds the game might be a great incentive for some people, as this way they get to uncover some dark, unique secrets. The Room is clearly not for everyone, as it’s a very rewarding, yet somewhat dark game, but rest assured that it does bring a lot of challenges.

The soundtrack in The Room fits the overall theme quite nicely, with lots of interesting tunes that you will enjoy.

Overall, we found the experience in The Room to be one of the best you can find in mobile adventure games. Yes, it might not have expansive game worlds and numerous locations to explore but the graphics and sounds are all solid so you will have a blast. If you are looking for a good, mysterious adventure game then this is definitely one of the best ones in the bunch, so go ahead and try it right away, as you won’t regret it.

e-Rapid Games rate: 7.5/10

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