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The Sandbox – Craft Play Share – Games Review

Craft your universe from scratch, play with the elements as you wish and share your masterpiece of a universe to your friends in this exciting sandbox and alchemy-type hybrid of a voxel-based game with a god-mode theme and puzzles, The Sandbox – Craft Play Share!

The Sandbox is, like the game claims, “a game like no game you’ve ever played before”! Due to its uniqueness, the game provides a 30-level tutorial that covers many aspects of the game. However, being a sandbox game, the possibilities are endless and there are still plenty for you to explore by yourself!

There are also other chapters with their own respective storylines that you can choose to play if you decide to skip the tutorial. 9 out of the 20 chapters are free while the rest can be purchased using real money. Besides the chapters in the campaign, you will also unlock a “create mode” that will allow you the freedom to create whatever you like!

The Sandbox – Craft Play Share erapid games review

To start playing, you’ll need to learn the controls first, which are located at the top of the screen. The first button from the left is the elements button. Here, you can choose which elemental pixels you need to create your masterpiece or to solve the puzzle in a level. You’ll just need to press and drag to release a stream of pixels that will settle down (unless it is a gas or something that is lighter than air), forming a new layer on your world template.

There are a huge amount of elements you can buy in the game using mana, the in-game currency in The Sandbox. To earn mana, you will need to complete the missions in each chapter or a daily puzzle mission. Once bought, you will have access to them in both modes in The Sandbox. Some elements might also automatically react on contact to form/ unlock new elements for you to purchase at the shop. For instance, by combining sand and water, you will get mud.

The following button is the tools button. It contains plenty of tools, such as the pickaxe, brush and line tool that you can use to craft in The Sandbox more efficiently. The third button is obviously the eraser, for when you accidentally did something wrong while shaping your world. The fourth button allows you to zoom in and out on your creation. The game also provides a save world button which in turn contains the reset world and load buttons as well!

The Sandbox – Craft Play Share erapid games review

The fifth button is a very vital part of the game. It allows you to change the temperature, climate and lighting in the game. For instance, you can turn on or off the sun as well as turn up the temperature of the world and cause global warming whenever you like. After all, you’re the god… the creator of the universe in this game! These tiny features will drastically change your gameplay!

Remember that mud you created earlier on? Well, just turn on the sun and watch in amazement as plant life starts to grow! Using the game’s weather mechanics, you can even create clouds and rain! With this power, you can also bring down your wrath on the world! After you do that though, you may also want to use the in-game screenshot option to take a picture and share it to your friends for laughs.

In short, The Sandbox – Craft Play Share is an amazing game that allows you to unleash your imagination and try to discover as many elements as you can! There are also puzzles whereby you’ll have to use your skills as a world creator to solve! If you’re seeking for an utterly unique game, this is definitely the game you’ll want!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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