The Shadow Sun will be released on Android in 2015

The Shadow Sun erapid games news

The Shadow Sun is one of the few Android games that are still in development for more than 3 years now. This is something unprecedented to say the least, but at the same time it does show how committed the developers are to create one of the best RPG experiences that you can find on a mobile device. An RPG requires a lot of depth, commitment and work, so it’s understandable why the game requires so much time to develop.

The Shadow Sun erapid games news

At its core, The Shadow Sun will provide more than 10 hours of action packed gameplay that you will certainly enjoy, but alongside that it will bring you full3D graphics as well as numerous other perks that will appeal to all kinds of gamers.

Another set of details released recently include the fact that The Shadow Sun will bring us more than 70 different areas in which we can play, as well as 200 different items that can be found or unlocked, depending on our needs, but also multiple treasures and secrets that will prove to be the delight of all gamers.

Then there’s the character customization aspect of the game. The Shadow Sun brings an unprecedented amount of customizability, as well as the ability to have a minion in the form of a dog, an idea that we find really neat and interesting.

The Shadow Sun erapid games news

Combine that with tons of skills, attacks and a great combat, then you will see the massive RPG scale that The Shadow Sun is bringing to the table. This is by far one of the most interesting and appealing games that you can find right now, so we can’t wait to see when it will be released. There’s only a vague idea that the game will be released sometime next year, so what is certain that the title won’t be available until Christmas. We do hope that the game will be released as soon as possible, because the hype is almost over for this game, and fans do want to get their hands on it!

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Now the game is available also on Google Play !

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  • Bill Harper

    Thanks for the great article! But I must make a post correction…We released this on Google Play yesterday (November 20th), so it certainly will be available before Christmas. :-)

    Bill Harper,
    Ossian Studios

    P.S: The hype is officially over, go get your hands on it!

    • daro

      Thank you very much – I will add update :)