The Sims 4 – video review

the sims 4 erapid video

With so many titles released this year, we couldn’t forget about The Sims saga 😉

As its predecessors, The Sims 4 offers a lot of fun, with a greater emphasis on emotional part of sims lifes, their interaction and relationships. They can now perform a few activities simultaneously and develop skills for many of those activities. This is a good way of occupying your sims and making them happy. Unfortunately, there are controversies about the game as well. For example, no pools you can swim in, no open-world locations that we used to in Sims 3, no children with different phases of growth, and many other little things which become noticeable while playing.

Does it mean The Sims 4 are not worth buying? Not exactly. Watch the video review that tells about various aspects of the game, its price, and gameplay and you will have an idea of what this game is 😉