The Wild is set to bring survival games on mobile

The Wild survival erapid games news

Survival games have become quite a hit recently, since their focus on exploration and the whole idea of surviving in an unforgiving environment is very interesting. Games such as Rust or DayZ have become very popular because they simply allow you to do anything you want in an environment that is clearly against you. Being careful to avoid anyone and taking care that you build your own shack and survive in an unforgiving world is what you need to do in all games that are included in this genre.

The Wild is no different, as this is a survival game that is set to bring the action packed gameplay from the titles presented above and transform it into a one of a kind experience that’s easy to enjoy on mobile platforms.

The Wild survival erapid games news

The whole idea behind The Wild is that you are stranded on a forested island you need to gain items as well as all the necessary tools needed to survive. As you play the game, you will have the opportunity to manage the resources that you acquire through exploration, but you will also have to avoid enemies that can easily kill you.

Also known as the Deformed, these enemies are hard to fight, so instead of going head to head with them, it’s important to avoid them entirely, as this is certainly crucial. The gameplay is set to bring randomization, just to keep things interesting all the time, as well as multiple roguelike elements such as permadeath for example. Loot spawns and procedurally generated items are also really neat additions to the game as well, but one of the main features here is that the title is set to bring a very complex artificial intelligence. Enemies will have their own line of sight and they will also pay close attention to the sounds that you make.

All in all, The Wild is set to bring us a very interesting survival experience in an unforgiving world. The game is close to a release really soon, so follow us if you want to find out more about it!