The Witcher 3 – Ultra Settings 4K Gameplay

the witcher 3 gameplay 4k

And so the most anticipated game of the year was released! And even if you don’t plan to give it a shot, you’ve surely heard a lot about it, either from friends, relatives, or in media. We, as a gaming portal, couldn’t miss an opportunity  to write (once again 😉 about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Emotions have cooled down, players got their packages from couriers, patches were downloaded from Steam and we can finally discuss the gameplay and everything else that the game offers. First of all, it’s amazingly beautiful. There was a lot of work around game’s engine, improvements and additions to graphics card drivers. The performance and tweaking guide is really huge, starting with HairWorks and Ambient Occlusion features, to shadow and particle configs. Secondly, we have absolutely fallen in love with new characters, as well as were happy to see old friends. Thirdly, the game map is just something! It’s huge, divers and full of monsters. Fourthly, the well-know humour is still in there, with Geralt’s sarcasm on top. Fifthly, … Ah, too much words! We don’t want to make spoilers, better play yourself!

An interesting fact, the studio – CD Projekt Red, was visited by Polish prime minister – Ewa Kopacz and they also have received an invitation to presidential palace. Yes, the polish people can be proud of their country’s game, that’s for sure 😉

What else can we say? The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is absolutely a must-play, even if you haven’t finished the first and the second parts. Developers have though of this too, and tried to make cut-scenes and dialogues as informative as possible.

With all these words in mind, you can be sure that the game is a world class AAA product and although it won’t even start on some medium PCs, it’s because it was meant to be wild, beautiful and super-realistic. Enjoy a 4k PC gameplay on Ultra settings!