The Witcher Battle Arena – new gameplay trailer

The Witcher Battle Arena erapid games

The Witcher series has been one of the most impressive RPG experiences that have arrived on the PCs in recent years. And while there isn’t any way it can be brought to the mobile platforms, at least for the time being, CD Projekt Red hasn’t forgotten about the mobile phone and tablet owners, as earlier this month they announced a new title specifically for these platforms.

Named The Witcher Battle Arena, the game is a multiplayer online battle arena that plays in a similar fashion to League of Legends and DOTA, yet unlike these titles, it’s playable only on consoles.

The Witcher Battle Arena erapid games

In this trailer you will be able to see some of the characters that are included within the game, with popular ones such as Letho, Philippa, Eithne or the Operator. What’s really exciting about this title is that it will pit two teams of popular Witcher characters as they try to reign for supremacy in two different game modes.

The game modes in The Witcher Battle Arena, at least from what’s known at this point, are Arena and Conquest. Both modes bring popular MOBA elements, and each one focuses on different things. While the arena is more of a mode for the individual player, in which each kill counts towards leveling and improving skills, the Conquest mode is all about cooperation and how you can use your team to hold key points on the map for the longest time in order to rack up the highest score.

The Witcher Battle Arena erapid games

The Witcher Battle Arena doesn’t bring Geralt into the mix, but there are lots of heroes to control and we are sure that the list will expand as the game will approach its release date sometime before the end of this year. The game is set to be released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

You can watch this impressive gameplay video and check out the great graphics and intense action below.