The Witness – PlayStation 4 gameplay

the witness erapid video

Ever wanted to play 3D puzzle game on a console? If yes,  there is one you should definitely consider. It’s title is The Witness, and it will be released in mid-to-late 2015, not only on PS4, but also on PC and iOS platforms.

On the video above you can see a ~15min gameplay and an interview with a game designer – Jonathan Blow, all in one. It was recorded on the Playstation Experience event last week,  and the guy who plays The Witness, plays it for the first time actually.

The open world looks really colorful. And although you play as an unnamed character, you can go whenever you want and solve whatever puzzle interests you :)

the witness screenshot 2

And here you can see an uninhabited island, where you’ll have more than 700 puzzles to solve!

the witness screenshot 1