This War of Mine gameplay

this war of mine erapid video

Once in a while, you find a game which is not like any other games, and which is unique is some way, and also addictive. One of such games is This War of Mine by 11 bit studios. It’s a war survival game, but as it’s written on their website:  In war, not everyone is a soldier. You can be just an ordinary civilian with your plans and dreams, suddenly… in a middle of war, in a city under the siege, scavenging for food and medical supplies. It’s what this game is all about. Here, your main goal is to survive by building shelters, collecting tools and materials, and doing your best in order to stay alive.

This War of Mine won different kind of awards, like BEST of E3 2014 or BEST OF PAX EAST 2014. It’s available on Steam with 10% autumn sale discount till the 2nd of December, and the platforms supported are PC, Mac and Linux.

Check out the gameplay video by SplatterCatGaming and see a new face of survival games 😉