Throne Rush – how good is Your defense?

Throne Rush – Games Review

Throne Rush is a massive multiplayer online real time strategy game (MMORTS) which is available from Google Play, iTunes or Facebook. This is a game where defensive play is more important than offense. After all, at the very first mission, you were already told that “the best defence is a good offense!”

Game play is simple. To build an impenetrable fortress of a base, you’ll need good towers and walls. There are several types of towers, namely regular tower, archer tower, cannon tower, ziggurat, tower of fire and tower of death, which you can build in Throne Rush. When building your base, a good defence strategy is to make sure you built your buildings close together. Make sure you protect your vital buildings in your base like your castle, treasury and barns at all costs! Don’t forget to upgrade the walls, which should only be surrounding the important buildings. I’m sure I’ve inspired you to start boarding up every hole you can find on your base, however, before you do so, you’ll need to gather enough resources, such as gold and food, first!

Throne Rush erapid games review

Basically, there are several building types. There are the resource-producing buildings like windmills, barns, mines and treasury that you’ll need for launching an offensive or to build up your defensive. The military buildings, on the other hand, include the headquarter (for increasing the number of units), barracks (for unlocking unit types), forge (for upgrading units), alchemy lab (for creating spells) and taverns (for creating Heroes). There are also normal buildings, like castle and builder’s hut, or special buildings, like House of Brotherhood and Hall of Fame, as well! However, since you are given 1 free builder, it’ll take some time before you can properly set up your base in a way you would like it to be.

Upgrading buildings in Throne Rush can sometime cost you a lot of gems or gold as well, and that’s where the in-app purchases (IAP) are dearly needed. In Throne Rush, you can’t really go far without any purchases, particularly when you keep getting hammered by other unrelenting players. However if you plan to stick around in this game, it is better to focus on food production rather than gold mining. Gold, you can always capture from other players. So max out the food production structures, like windmills and barns, as early in the game as you can!

Throne Rush erapid games review

Furthermore, getting resources from only your base, even with upgrades, can be really slow and tedious, thus, you’ll need to obtain most of your resources, mainly gold, from your weaker neighbours. Release your troops at strategic points on the battlefield, as you cannot command and control your army once they are released, to gain access to the more important buildings (castle, treasury, barns) to get most of the loot. Well, you may say; that’s easier said than done but that’s the way the game’s played. Moreover, be wary of retaliation as well, as the game allows your ‘victims’ to execute their ‘revenge attack’ on your base! Things can get ugly real fast!

Throne Rush is somewhat similar to another popular game from the same genre, Clash of Clans, albeit at a much larger scale and with realistic graphics! So, what are you waiting for? Let the blood of your enemy splash across your strong and mighty walls today!

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