Timberman, new flappy birds?

timberman e-rapid games review

Timberman – game review

When it comes to the mobile game market, some of the most popular games out there are the skill based ones. People always like a challenge, and such games clearly place them in front of one. For a skill based game, simplicity is key, and Timberman is the prime example of how a relatively simple idea can be transformed into something that’s really addicting and which you can play for hours and hours without getting bored.

timberman e-rapid games review      timberman e-rapid games review

The gameplay in Timberman relies on the fact that you are a woodcutter whose only job is to cut trees as fast as possible. The challenge here is that you are under stress, as the tree chopping process is time-limited, so you do need to bring your best if you want to achieve success.

One can control the timberman using the touch controls. All you have to do in this game is to move the character left and right, while avoiding the branches that come from above. Similar in concept to Flappy Bird, this game gets challenging real quick, and the main reason behind its success and charisma is the fact that you always feel you can get a better result, you just need to work more on it.

Timberman comes with some raw, yet appealing 8-bit graphics that give the game a lot of character and which certainly makes it stand out. The soundtrack is full of 8-bit music tracks which can’t be switches during the gameplay session, but that’s no worry because the main premise of the game is that you will die a lot.

timberman e-rapid games reviews

Avoiding the falling branches is the heart and soul of Timberman’s gameplay, but what you do need to take into consideration is the chopping meter. This meter always drops, unless you chop the tree really fast.

The further you get in the game, the faster you will level up. Leveling doesn’t bring any new abilities, which is a shame, but instead you will be able to rank higher in the leaderboards. However, the higher you score, the better the chances to unlock one of the special characters. The unlocking requirements are a certain score or chop. Unfortunately, other than the look, these characters don’t offer anything interesting, because the gameplay is always the same.

You have the opportunity to share your scores on Twitter, which is really nice, but other than that there isn’t any social interaction or multiplayer component. The game is mainly about checking your skills and pushing them to the limits as you face increasingly difficult situations. While in the beginning you will find large portions of the tree without branches, the latter levels are very difficult as they require you to switch from one place to another at all times.

Despite the simple mechanic and 8-bit style, Timberman is a game that has a lot of character and which really stands out thanks to its exciting gameplay. While it might not be the best mobile game out there, Timberman successfully manages to breathe life into an old formula, transforming it into a cult hit. If you like games that are challenging, easy to get in to but very hard to master, then Timberman is certainly right up your alley.

e-Rapid Games Rate: 7.5/10