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tiny thief erapid games review

Tiny Thief – Games Review

Tiny Thief is a brilliantly-designed platform-based puzzler whereby you control an adorable robin-hood-like thief who steals stuff to help oppressed people in the game!

The controls are very easy to learn in Tiny Thief. You just need to tap on the floor and your tiny thief will either walk or creep (when he is near a sleeping guard) his way to the position you’ve just tapped on. There are also actionable buttons, such as “climb” or “steal” that will only pop up when your thief is near to an object that allows you to do such actions.

There are mainly 3 objectives that you can fulfil, which will award you with 1 star each when they are completed. This includes the 1 main objective that you’ll need to complete in order to proceed to the next level. Main objectives usually require you to steal something that allows the story to progress – did I mention that each chapter or stage in the game is story-based? The game currently has 6 different chapters (and over 30 levels), each with its own unique storyline that you can enjoy! The stories are rather whimsical too!

tiny thief erapid games review

Stealing isn’t that straightforward in this game though. There will be guards, both alert and sleeping ones, and sometimes, you may just need to do something to distract them. For patrolling guards, there are cues that you can look for to know when the perfect time to sneak past him is! Unfortunately, being generally a non-violent and weaponless thief, you cannot knock guards out or kill them in this game.

The other two objectives are side objectives which you can choose to do… or not. One of them includes stealing mementos and valuables just for the heck of it – after all, you are playing as a thief in this game! The number of items to steal varies from level to level and they can really be tough to find. For instance, there are levels whereby you have to pick up a crab from a basket (and steal it) or grab a tennis ball from a bird’s nest after chasing the bird away with a tap on the screen. It is actually these little surprises that you have to steal make the game so much charming… you know, instead of being just “another platformer”.

The other objective includes you finding your trusty pet ferret and tapping on it when it pops up. The ferret hides very well and thus, you may need some time to find it. Once you’re done with the main objective (the side objectives are optional), you can easily exit the game by running your thief to the green glowing exit sign.

tiny thief erapid games review

The main objective for most of the levels is pretty easy to crack, but to get the side objectives too? Well, it can be much harder. Thus, if you need some help, or more specifically, a walkthrough, you can consult the Book of Hints for clues instead of scouring YouTube for walkthrough videos! However, there are limited number of times you can open the Book of Hints and once your limit is up, the book will go into a 24-hour cooldown. Do try to solve the puzzles and find the items that you need by yourself first though!

In short, Tiny Thief is definitely a puzzle platform game that both adults and kids could enjoy! Every new level is an entertaining experience of discovery and wonder as you immerse yourself into the story and help your tiny thief to, in turn, help the many people in need! Sounds like fun? Well, play it now!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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