Total Destruction receives Android version

Total Destruction erapid games news

Since Angry Birds appeared, numerous games tried to capitalize on the idea of engaging in physics based puzzling, with few successes unfortunately. Total Destruction is a new game that has been released recently which allows you to complete puzzles simply by destroying stuff. It might seem a little simple at first, but the game does manage to get complicated quite fast.

Total Destruction erapid games news

Your main goal in Total Destruction is to eliminate the structures in each level below a certain height that is imposed at the beginning of a level. This is the only goal in this title, but it is a bold one, and it will take a little while until you can complete the whole request. Thankfully, there are numerous explosive types that you can use, and each one of them is quite interesting in the way it’s used.

While playing, you will have the opportunity to visit a variety of locations, which include China, England and USA. Not only that, but included with the game you can find around 180 levels which are all varied and filled with humor.

Total Destruction erapid games news

Total Destruction does manage to bring numerous explosive types into the mix, so variety is not an issue in this game. The game has been created for the demolition master in you, and, dare we say, the title does a phenomenal success in this regard. It might not be the best one out there when it comes to destroying buildings, as other titles did it in a more realistic manner, but Total Destruction does bring the desired fun that you do want to have in such a game. Exciting, and unique, this is one game that you don’t want to miss! Check it out right now on Google Play at:

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