Tower Dwellers has been released on Android

tower dwellers erapid games news

Tower defense games are some of the funniest genres you can find on an Android device, and they always tend to bring a new challenge into the mix. Tower Dwellers, a new title developed by Noodlecake Games is certainly not that different, as it brings the normal mechanics of a tower defense game, but it also adds quite a lot of RTS elements, mixing the two genres in such a way that they are really hard to differentiate at some point.

In Tower Dwellers you have the opportunity to create units from your towers in order to create an army. The neat thing here is that these units can be commanded in real time and you can even assist them in battle if you want, which is really neat as well.

tower dwellers erapid games news

The game is set to deliver a non-linear progression as you get the opportunity to decide which territories you are going to explore next. There is a story though, and this is funnily narrated.

Another interesting addition in Tower Dwellers is the fact that you can stable battles in the sandbox mode, allowing you to improve your strategic depth in a very impressive way. Overall, Tower Dwellers is set to deliver one of the most interesting tower defense and RTS experiences that you can find in the online world. The game even brings an interesting upgrade system that’s definitely well worth using.

Tower Dwellers is a very innovative game that you do need to try as fast as possible. Yes, it might not be one of the most impressive games when it comes to graphics, but this is a game that’s well worth your attention. You can grab it right now from Google Play for the price of only 3.99$.

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